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DateInTray – added 1/21/2009

DateInTray is a small freeware utility that displays the date in the Windows tray. The day of the month is displayed in the DateInTray icon, and the entire date can be seen in a tooltip popup by holding the mouse cursor over the icon. A useful popup calendar can be brought up by clicking on the DateInTray icon. This easily accessable calendar popup is very useful when you need to quickly reference a calendar. The calendar popup automatically shows the current date, and include arrow buttons to easily view next and previous months.

Advanced Clock – added 1/20/2009

Advanced Clock, which was written in Delphi with OpenGL instructions, is a very useful program in your desktop. Its features include alarm function, screen saver, full customization options, ability to load with Windows startup and many more. In addition, it can shut down Windows and turn off your computer automatically after a period of inactivity. Perfect to leave running all day.

Atomic Time – added 1/13/2009

Atomic Time is an internet time synchronizing program that synchronizes you computer’s built in clock with the clocks of one or more free time servers on the internet. These time servers are all kept accurate to within 1 second of coordinated universal time, as maintained by an atomic clock.

NETTIME – added 11/6/2008

NETTIME communicates with “Time Servers” over the Internet using UDP protocol. Those servers are available in many countries troughout the world. They send accurate date/time information, which is kept correct according to observatory/GPS data. The Ini file of NETTIME contains more than 100 predefined “Stratum-1″ time servers. New servers may be added or existing can be modified by editing the Ini file. NETTIME tries to connect to each of these servers until it reads the date/time information and then asks you to correct your PC’s clock (automatic correction can also be selected).

Time Sync – added 8/5/2008

Time Sync lets you synchronize your computer’s clock to one of the many ultra-precise time servers available on the Internet. You can schedule periodic automatic updates, or adjust your clock on demand any time you choose.

Microsoft Time Zone – added 2/12/2007

Microsoft Time Zone is a neat little timekeeping utility that sits in your system tray and tells you the current time and world time zone for the cities that you choose.

AleJenJes Countdown Timer – added 8/15/2006

AleJenJes Countdown Timer gives you a simple countdown timer where you enter the starting time in hours, minutes & seconds and it counts down to zero, with customizable time’s-up message when time expires.

VersaTimer – added 7/10/2006

VersaTimer provides a timer program that is the ideal game timer – use it for Civilization, Diplomacy or Speed Circuit tournaments, where each player has a limited amount of time for each move and needs to be reminded that his or her time soon will be up. It’s also the ideal sports timer for sport events, for example when you need to release a runner every minute, with audible signals the last ten seconds of every minute.

Alwact Clock – added 6/7/2006

Alwact Clock is an analog desktop clock featuring skins, transparency and zoom. It is possible to set the refresh delay ranging from a few milliseconds(continuous second hand rotation) to a minute.

CMDTime NTP Utility – added 10/16/2005

CMDTime provides easy-to-use time synchronization command-line utility which adjusts computer’s date and time via Internet Time Servers. It’s recommended to use it either standalone, or in batch-files, or with external shedulers. (bottom of the page)

NetTime – added 8/21/2005

NetTime offers a simple time synchronization client for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Its main claim to fame is that it is small, simple and unobtrusive.

Atomic TimeSync – added 8/20/2005

Once Atomic TimeSync is set up, you can have it periodically set your system clock accessing the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST; plus it even has a built-in NTP server so you can synchronize all of your other computers quickly and easily! You can even specify a custom time offset to ensure that it sets your clock just the way you like it.

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