text editors

Scriptpad – added 22/07/2002

ScriptPad is a replacement for Notepad for use with scripting. You can use it to create Windows 98 Scripts (WSH) or scripts for web pages. If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t just stick with Notepad, then you obviously have not ever tried to indent a dozen or more lines of code before.

SciTE|Flash – added 5/17/2004

SciTE|Flash is a a Scintilla-based ActionScript editor. It features custom settings optimized for ActionScript editing, an API file, used for “code hints”, and the ability to export/test movies without ever leaving SciTE|Flash!

XMLFox – added 3/11/2004

XMLFox is a graphical XML editing and validation tool for creating valid, well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema. It includes an XML View, XML Tree, XML Grid, and XML Script modes for editing, as well as extensive find capabilities for text and XML data.

MoreMotion XML Editor – added 7/24/2004

MoreMotion XML Editor (mmEd), developed for editing and verifying XML structured files used in MoreMotion projects, is an easy-to-use XML Editor for both beginners and professionals.

HAPedit – added 12/21/03

HAPedit is an acronym for Html Asp Php editor; a win32 text-mode editor useful for all developpers of dynamic web pages. Its main features are: syntax highlighting for html/php, html/asp, html, JavaScript, CSS and SQL; page preview in browser; project manager; php code completion; edit html tags; code completion; preview images; SQL console; FTP Manager; Code Explorer and more.

Kankowski Edit – added 8/24/2003

Small & fast Notepad replacement with macros support, statistics for current file, indenting and autosaving, Large limit on file size – 2 Gb, Multilevel undo/redo, Case convertions, Most recent used files list, Macros for fast typing HTML tags, Statistics for current file, Explorer menu for file operations, plus C++ source code!

NotePad+ – added 06/09/2004

NotePad+ is a fully 32-bit replacement for the standard Windows 95/NT 4.0 Notepad. It has many improvements over standard Notepad!

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