text editors

Irun Rtf Converter – added 8/9/2002

This program converts documents in RTF format to XML or HTML. You can port your documents to the we by just saving in RTF format and then using the IRun utility. IRun has an application interface for you to add conversion functionality to your applications. IRun can generate both old-style plain HTML and html with css elements for better quality.

Enersoft Sitegen – added 3/11/2002

Enersoft SiteGen SE is a stand alone Web Site Generator. Design your own web pages without any html knowledge. Build your own internet site in no time

TigerII Minipad – added 6/13/2002

TigerII MiniPad is simple text – editor that allows you to make quick changes in text files without starting big editor application. It can be used insted of standard Windows Notepad. Supports html editing and tags inserting. Adventages: syntax highlighting html, php, perl, pascal; printout preview; multilevel undo; regular expresions; handles files bigger then 64kb; and suport for inserting HTMLTags. Homepage is not in english, but has a translation button.

The Rename – added 5/15/2002

Rename is a program designed to help you to rename files and folders en masse with a number of possibilities and options.

NoteTab Light – added 05/24/2003

Popular text editor and Notepad replacement. Tabbed interface provides easy access to all open documents. Offers many time-saving features, including a “Clipbook” tool that can be used to paste frequently-used text clips and playback macros. Can search and replace multi-line criteria across all open documents, with support for regular expressions. The editor can open links and preview documents in any web browser.

DocPad – added 4/18/2004

DocPad is a feature-rich alternative to Notepad. In addition to the standard features, it offers many advantages including a 10-level undo system, alphabetization, block indent/unindent, bookmark, case conversion, encoding conversion, file history, jump to line, jump to offset, keyboard macros, search and replace, statistics, variable pitch font, and more…

NotepadXP – added 4/29/2003

NotePadXP is a replacement for the standard Windows Notepad that adds a ton of extra features as well as an MS Office style interface and feel to it. It offers a Multi Document Interface (MDI), customizable toolbars, full formatting options, support for rich text, unlimited file size and much more. Documents can be saved as .txt,.rtf or html.

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