text editors

SavageEd – added 3/11/2006

SavageEd is a freeware, opensource notepad replacement project designed to offer smoother and faster operation with comparable or more features at a file size of 32k or less. It is written in x86 assembly, USB portable, no limit on file size, stores settings in an .ini file, and an advanced find & replace function.

WebTide – added 1/5/2006

WebTide is a programmer’s text editor with a non-standard interface that has some rather advanced features such as a document outliner that gives you a quick tree style outline of your file, a “search in path” search function to find occurances of strings, advanced find and replace functions, code completion, project management, file browser, output window, and lots more.

TabPad – added 12/16/2005

TabPad is yet another Notepad clone – except with tabs. TabPad was designed to look almost identical to Notepad, with the same features and functionability, except to incorporate tabs. TabPad is fast, efficient and well written, and supports opening dozens of tabs for text files. You can make it your default editor if you please, TabPad supports files being opened by Explorer, or you can simply use it standalone.

UnicEdit – added 11/23/2005

UnicEdit is a single document based text editor that uses internal Unicode characters and displays the full Unicode name of each character on the status bar. It supports UCS-2, UCS-4, UTF-16, ANSI and UTF-8 formats.

FoxEditor – added 11/12/2005

FoxEditor is a single document interface text editor with some unique functions such as encryption, export to html, rtf, and hex, templates, tags, spell checker, and multilanguage. It has limited unicode support, and attractive Gnome/GTK toolbar icons as well.

CodeLabs Beta Editor – added 10/20/2005

CodeLabs Beta Editor is a basic editor for all sorts of development. Mainly made for web development like HTML, CSS, and PHP but it is also suitable for C++, Java, and more. Even though this program is still a beta it is still an efficient and robust tool for the developer who want a simple reliable editor.

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