text editors

GreenPad – added 6/4/2005

Simple text editor with syntax highlighting, regexp search, unicode support, and more. Small at 70 KB, it has an interface similar to notepad .

Perfect! Textedit – added 6/4/2005

A simple multiple document plain text editor with easy navigation and various special editor features.

EditMan – added 5/11/2005

EditMan is a text editor with syntax highlighting and a tabbed page system which eliminates the problem of having several open windows covering your screen. It was created to serve as an alternative to using Notepad or buying an expensive package which includes a similar application. EditMan is a pretty powerful text editting tool, as it supports up to 100 open files at a time, whilst still not eating up too much of your computer’s memory.

Smart Editor – added 9/13/2004

Smart Editor Professional is an all-in one IDE, which can support virtually any programming language. It has features like Multilanguage support, WYSIWYG HTML Designing, Project management features, Tasks & Notes assistants, Workdesk, Plug-in support, Compiler Association etc.

Source Edit – added 9/13/2004

Source Edit is an editor especially made for developers but can of course be used as a regular text editor as well. It comes with FTP, Hex editor, macro support, and many customizable features.

Elfima Notepad – added 6/4/2004

Elfima Notepad is a text editor to create PDF, HTML, XML, and SVG documents. With Elfima Notepad you can also reimport and modify your PDF documents. With a PDF file size optimisation, Elfima Notepad is the most efficient solution to create quickly and easily PDF documents. Elfima notepad doesn’t have pre-requisites (as Adobe Acrobat) or particular configuration.

Orient – added 6/2/2004

Orient a Small Unicode Editor for Windows is probably the smallest editor able to handle UNICODE texts. It saves and loads files in Unicode format, incorporates bi-directional text support for Arabic or Hebrew languages (RightToLeft) and support for Asian languages (Chinese and Japanese).

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