text editors

Vi – added 6/13/2003

What is Vi? Well, in short – Vi is an “editor”, ie a program that allows to “edit” (making changes to) files. These files usually are files containing “text” (ASCII 000-127). Hence VI is referred to as a “text editor”, even though you can also edit “binary files” (which include characters with the highest bit set, ie characters ASCII 128-255).

PabloDraw – added 10/16/2005

A Windows-based ansi/ascii editor with unlimited multi-user capabilities. Features include fullscreen mode, always-on VGA preview pane, loads binary, ansi, and ascii files, and full ansi editing capabilities.

TSWebeditor – added 5/1/2005

TSWebeditor is a powerful php editor and html editor which you can also use as a simple text editor. It displays the source code colored (syntax highlight), code hint for functions, code completion (php, javascript, asp, html), code browser, php syntax and error check, help, css assistant, html tag editor, html syntax checker,etc.

Free Java – added 2/17/2005

A small Java IDE, based on JDK Java developer. It contains structure panel, file browser and syntax highlighted text editor. Simple configuration and java program compiler/running.

Vex – added 9/12/2004

Vex is an editor for XML documents. The “visual” part comes from the fact that Vex hides the raw XML tags from the user, providing instead a wordprocessor-like interface.

Cream – added 07/09/2004

Cream is an easy-to-use GUI version of the powerful and famous Vim text editor on both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.

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