WYSIWYG editors

Html Area – added 12/23/2002

Html Area is a WYSIWYG editor replacement for any textarea field. Instead of teaching your software users how to code basic HTML to format their content, they can use Html Area to: format text to be bold, italicized, or underlined, change the face, size and colour, Insert tables, view the raw HTML source of what they’re editing

Selida – added 8/29/2003

Selida marks the introduction of a robust, fully functional HTML editor. Selida is a powerful HTML editor that offers multiple editing methods like code view and design view. Along with HTML, Selida offers Split HTML/Preview, Preview and for the faint of heart, a WYSIWYG Editor that holds its own with the very best of them. Certainly the designers of Selida V2.1 advocate the learning of HTML, but they spared no corners when designing the WYSIWYG design mode. With the WYSIWYG mode, the designer has a powerful means of editing HTML pages without knowing any HTML.

Serif Web Plus – added 02/02/2001

Very good wysiwyg editor which features; web wizards for instant web sites, amazing logo/graphic module, animated GIF wizard and animation library, animated marquee wizard, and spell checking and thesaurus.

Matizha Sublime – added 11/27/2002

Matizha Sublime is a powerful HTML editor with full support for hand-coding ans well as an optional design view for WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing. It offers all the standard HTML editing features as well as many advanced features such as Code Inspector, Project Manager and more. It also comes with an easy to use DHTML menu wizard, that allows you to easily create cool looking DHTML menus. Matizha Sublime supports all the latest technologies and offers helper dialogs for inserting Flash, Java, Multimedia etc.

HotHTML 2001 Professional Edition – added 5/23/2003

HotHTML 2001 Professional is a professional HTML Text editor aimed at providing tools and features to seamlessly create professional sites quickly and easily. It contains native support for HTML 4.2, Active Server Pages and Perl. With handy wizards and dialogs for code generation and helpful user interface its ideal for beginners who are wanting to migrate from WYSIWYG editors to WYSIWYN editors. This new version updates it to version 1.0.5 and has several bug fixes and additions.

Enersoft SiteGenWiz – added 1/22/2004

HTML site generator for building web pages. Generates multi-level menus. Adjustable layout, colors, bullets and menu structure. Editor and file transfer utility included.

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